Ways to Deposit and Cash Out at Treasure Mile Casino

If you want to play at an online casino such as Treasure Mile Casino, you'll need to decide on a funding method. Thankfully, there are a wide variety of easy and safe payment methods available.


Bank Deposit / Withdrawal

This is probably the most traditional payment method people use at online gambling operators. These days, most people would use internet banking to make this kind of transaction, but you could even physically go to your bank and make an old school "over the counter" deposit.

To use this banking method, you will need certain information, such as the bank account number and routing number. If it's international, you'll also need a SWIFT code and IBAN number. Sometimes, this method will work almost instantly, but other times, you might need to wait 2 or 3 days, especially when you are making a withdrawal.



Trustly is an app that simplifies using your bank account to make transactions on a gambling site. They're affiliated with pretty much all of the major banks.

Unlike other services, Trustly doesn't require that you create an account or provide any personal details. You simply use their application to log in to your bank account and then you take some steps to verify the transaction.

Generally, Trustly is preferable to a bank transfer, as the process is much more streamlined. Since using this method is similar to a bank deposit, you might have to wait for it to clear.


Skrill / Neteller

These two services are now owned by the same company, so they are essentially the same. Neteller is probably the more popular of the two; it's an e-wallet service that's accepted on a large number of casinos.

When you make a withdrawal from these services into your bank account, you'll generally have to pay a fee. For this reason, it's recommended that you only cash out your winnings when they are larger.



Using Bitcoin as a way to deposit or receive money is quite different to using any of these other methods. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, meaning it's a purely digital currency.

The way Bitcoin operates is fairly complicated, but you don't necessarily need to understand it in order to use it. There's a record of every Bitcoin transaction ever made, but it's also almost impossible to trace back any transactions to any specific individual.

This means Bitcoin is a great payment method if you want to keep your online activity anonymous. Of course, the anonymity of the transactions means there's basically no recourse if you get scammed. If you want to use Bitcoin, make sure you read up on how to use it safely.

Make Transactions Easily on Treasure Mile Casino

Making a deposit to a gambling site is really easy. The best way to pay is probably via a service such as Trustly or Skrill. By using these methods, the operator won't get access to your financial information and it's pretty straightforward to make a transfer.